Relax and depurate your body. Sauna is the place of relax and peace. Sauna has especial and positive effect on people health. Our water world provides a huge range of water areas and water activities. We provide various options from hot tub and relaxing swimming pool to natural swimming in a reservoir.

For more information and ordering the wellness, swimming pool and sports fields services please contact the wellness reception: +421 918 784 474 (between 13:00 to 21:00)



An infrared sauna guarantees deeper and more effective overheat through infra-radiation. Electric heating fibres generate the infrared beams 40 – 60 degrees despite of low temperature. The heat is directly focused on the body muscles. Health benefits of the infra-red sauna are: stronger heart, depurated body and infra-red sauna makes you younger inside and outside!


Hot steam sauna with the smell of eucalyptus (temperature to 60 degrees with 100% of air humidity). This type of sauna is excellent for releasing of respiratory tracts and relaxes of tired muscles. At the same time, eucalyptus makes your immunity system stronger.


The sauna includes hot steam (gentle heat of 45 – 50 temperature degrees). The sauna supports the expelliation of toxic matters from the blood, fatty weft trough sudoriferous glands. This process also regenerates and depurates your skin.


This sauna has a deep history background (70-100 degrees). Heat sauna with a vessel of water and a stirring by which we water the stones at the upper side of the furnace. The stones are used for the heating of sauna. Watering of the stones make a high clammy rate of steam, which increases the temperature in the sauna. You are recommended to use an ice bath after the cold shower to decrease the body temperature.


It is the place of a pleasant temperature and light for perfect relax after wellness.


A warm room in an ancient Roman bath, used for relax. You can relax at the place with a pleasant music, water world.



Use the opportunity to cool down after sauna very quickly.


The procedure stimulates not only the blood circulation but also other body organs. The procedure is recommended in case of headache, malfunctions of blood circulation as the vein gym at the beginnings of varicose. Vein gym helps to relieve ankles and joints. The procedure is as follows: the client steps in a hot spa (1 min), after that he steps in a cold spa (15 s). The cycle lasts 10-15 min. Client finishes the procedure with the cold water.

Multi-functional shower with the attractions

Comfortable model of shower with the lighting and function of water beam by your choice.

Stainless steel pool with a counter current, dimensions: 12x7m

Cooling pool

Najúčinnejšie, ale aj najnáročnejšie pre srdcovocievny systém je ochladzovanie v bazéne. Pri ochladzovaní (10 – 11 °C voda) sa prudko zvyšuje krvný tlak a to v závislosti od stupňa teploty vody. Zásadne sa treba ponoriť po krk, hlava sa do vody neponára. Ak je na to dostatok priestoru, vo vode sa má voľne pohybovať, nie šantiť. Do vody sa nikdy neskáče.

Jaccuzzi - vírivý bazén

Kombinácia intenzívnej hydroterapie a hydromasáže dokonale uvoľňuje svalové napätie, podporuje látkovú výmenu a posilňuje celkový imunitný systém organizmu.

Natural bathing in Domaša Lake

Available to all Domaša visitors
Gravel beach

Opening hours

Monday 15:00 - 21:00
Tuesday - Friday 14:00 - 21:00
Saturday - Sunday 11:00 - 21:00

The last Access to the wellness is at 19:30.

Price list

Adult person
1 hour 14 €
2 hours 20 €
Unlimited Access 26 €
Child (13 – 18 years old) /students/pensioners (from the age of 62) / handicapped people/handicapped people with an assistance
1 hour 10 €
2 hours 15 €
Unlimited Access 20 €
Season ticket 1-hour 2-hours
5-entry Access 67 € 95 €
10-entry Access 126 € 180 €
20-entry Access 238 € 340 €
30-entry Access 336 € 480 €
Private reservation of wellness
Rental time in agreement with the hotel personnel
2-hours rental 400 €
* The price includes providing of a sheet **additional charge for every 15 minutes over the purchased entry is 2€ ***entry for persons under 13 years old is prohibited.
Swimming pool + wellness
Use advantage entry fee for swimming pool and wellness.
Price list
We recommend
Correct sauna use
For a sauna bath you need minimum 2 hours and 1 towel.
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