Correct sauna use

For a sauna bath you need minimum 2 hours and 1 towel.

How to properly use a sauna

  • Don’t go to a sauna hungry or with a full stomach. To enjoy sauna fully, visit toilet before and then shower.
  • Dry yourself thoroughly as dry skin sweats faster.
  • Warm foot bath before sauna also supports sweating.
  • In sauna lie on top of towel. Your sauna session should be short with intensive effect - use upper or middle bench for maximum 15 minutes. Rely on how you are feeling.
  • In lying position you feel pleasant and even warmth. For the last two minutes sit up to acclimatise your blood circulation to vertical again and to prevent blood suddenly rushing to legs.
  • Body is also cooled down well by a stream of water from the shower.
  • Before using the cold water pool wash the sweat off our body. Do not use the cold water pool if you have high blood pressure.
  • Connecting the warm bath and legs to cooling will give feeling of warmth up to your head.
  • Repeated cold water usage trains your veins and increases body immunity.
  • Post-sauna relaxation is pleasant and supports recovery.
  • Between sauna sessions it is recommended to use he rest room.
  • A sauna is ideal preparation for a massage.
  • Take another sauna entry first.
  • More than three sauna cycles do not increase the health benefits of sauna usage.

Sauna bath effects

During a sauna bath the alternate warmth and cold affect the body, stimulating reactions in the organism. Strong warmth in the sauna area stimulates veins to widen with accompanying sweating. Although the fast evaporation of sweat cools the skin, body temperature still increases by approx. 1°C and in the skin approx. 10°C.

In this way protective substances against infection are produced. Sauna warmth has a positive effect – relaxing the mind and muscles. The heart beats faster yet easier because of the widened veins in the skin. Hence higher blood pressure is normalized and you needn’t worry about heart overload.

In the cooling stage, increased body temperature will decrease to normal due to fresh air and cold water. In combination with warm legs baths, the skin veins work really hard. Regular sauna users avoid getting colds. Cooling down has the feeling of being freshened, and in the nervous system it causes important impulses in hormone-producing organs.

Sauna bath is a natural way of body care. Strong sweating and repeated showering give perfect skin purification - sauna warmth stimulates new skin cell formation.

Sauna bath despite illness

Relaxation and recovery, increasing immunity, body care from sauna use, and the social aspect are among the most important reasons for a sauna visit. Some visitors have a clear goal when coming to the sauna – treatment and pain relief, in which case a doctor must decide if such approach is suitable. Sauna must not be used in the case of acute disease with fever and inflammation, and during serious organ defects.

Sauna is suitable for many ailments of the heart and circulation system, breathing, motion apparatus, and the skin. A sauna’s major effect is the stimulation of a body’s defence mechanism, and in some cases a sauna can support treatment. It is always important to use a sauna correctly and in moderation.
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