At Green Laguna Hotel your comfort is our priority. Comfortable and great-looking apartments are furnished to make you feel like home. As well as comfort hotel apartments, apartment houses with cosy fireplaces are available.
Pobytové balíčky
Využite zvýhodnenú ponuku sezónnych pobytových balíčkov a prežite výnimočné chvíle v srdci prírody. Načerpajte novú energiu v nádhernom prostredí nášho hotela.

Standard room

Stylish and fashionably furnished rooms with a forest view.

LUX room

Beautiful, fashionably furnished rooms with a panoramic view of Veľká Domaša Lake.

Superior room

An aesthetic accommodation experience, combining stylish furnishings with premium-quality materials that move the rooms up a class.


Perfect relaxation in front of the fireplace with a view of the lake. The view of the calm surface of Veľká Domaša Lake will fill you with harmony from the spacious terrace.


Perfect relaxation in front of the fireplace with a view of the lake. The view of the calm surface of Veľká Domaša Lake will fill you with harmony from the spacious terrace.

Presidential suite

A luxurious, lavish suite with two bedrooms, a bar, and a private lift.

Detached suite

A small home, offering its residents complete privacy. The comfortable atmosphere of the house, which contains 2 bedrooms in the attic, is topped off by a fireplace and a spacious terrace.


1. Hotel Zelená Laguna **** can accommodate a guest who ordered and confirmed the services and is properly registered for accommodation. For this purpose, guests are required to present their identity card, passport or other valid identification card upon arrival at the hotel reception desk.

2. Every foreign guest who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic, is obliged to fill in and sign the registration form for the report of the stay, issued by the receptionist on the basis of the identity document submitted. All data in the report must be true and complete.

3. In exceptional cases, the hotel may offer a guest accommodation in another hotel as agreed, unless it substantially differs from a confirmed order.

4. Guest accommodation is available from 2 p.m, in exceptional cases, sooner, if agreed in advance, or if it’s allowed by the situation upon arrival of the guest to stay.

5. When you arrive in the room, the guest is obliged to report any deficiencies, discrepancies or problems immediately upon their arrival at the hotel reception. He is also required to proceed like this if he finds any damage to the room or his inventory. If the hotel discovers damage to the room or its inventory within 24 hours after termination of the client's stay without the client's attention being drawn to the reception of the hotel,
the client is obliged to compensate the hotel for damage to the room or its inventory in full.

6. Guests are required to check out and leave the room no later than 12:00 a.m unless the departure time is otherwise agreed. If the check out is delayed, the hotel is entitled to charge a fee of € 30; if the room is left after 5 p.m. the hotel may charge 100% of the price list, in order for the client to incur contractual claims for hotel accommodation services.

7. Guests staying before 6:00 a.m in the morning, is obliged to pay the price of the accommodation for the whole previous night.

8. From 10:00 p.m until 6.00 a.m guests cannot disturb the peace at night. Social events are also allowed after 10 p.m with the consent of the responsible worker, but only in designated areas.

9. If the guest requests extension of the accommodation, the hotel may also offer a room other than the one in which he was originally accommodated.

10. The guest pays for the booked accommodation and services related to the accommodation in accordance with the valid price list at the end of the stay, respectively. unless otherwise agreed. After the end of the stay, the billing of the ordered and provided services is made.

11. If the guest fails to report, or incorrectly reports the amount of comsumed goods from the minibar while checking-out, an invoice will be sent to the client at twice the amount of money of consumed or unreported items.

12. In the room or in the other rooms of the hotel, the guest may not move the furniture, make modifications, perform any electrical interventions or any other installation without the consent of the responsible person or hotel manager.

13. Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances, except for personal hygiene appliances, in the hotel's rooms and in particular in the rooms.

14. Smoking is only allowed in some of the rooms of the hotel - the smoking-room in the wine-cellar and on the balcony of the standard forest-oriented rooms. In the event of a breach of this prohibition, the hotel has the right to charge the guest a fine of 150 € for each violation found.

15. The quest is aware, that if needed, the cleaner/hotel employee can enter his room, the handyman in the case of room service and the hotel manager in the case of room check. If the quest wants to prevent this from happening, he should put the „DO NOT DISTURB“ card on the outside of the door. This does not apply if the situation is too urgent (eg threat of crash, violation of accommodation conditions, especially if they are interfering with other guests and similar cases).

16. For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age without adult supervision are not allowed in the room or in the hotel's other rooms.

17. Guests are welcome to receive guest visits in k hotel's common areas. In the room where the guest is staying, guests can only receive visits with the permission of the hotel's responsible staff.

18. Before leaving the hotel room, the accommodated person is required to close the faucet, turn off the lights in the room and adjacent rooms, turn off electrical appliances, close the windows and the balcony doors and close the door to the room. Put the lock card at the reception, unless otherwise agreed.

19. The hotel is responsible for both the things brought and damage on caused on the items kept in the hotel, only if they have been kept in a place meant for that purpose, otherwise only to a limited extent. Right to compensation, will be terminated if it does not apply until the 15th day after the day when the guest was informed of the damage, no later than the day of departure from the hotel.

20. Damage due to the property of the accommodation facility is the responsibility of the guest according to the applicable regulations. The guest as a responsible agent is also responsible for the damage caused by minors
for whom he is responsible.

21. Dogs and other pets are not housed in the hotel. An exception is accommodation in apartment houses. Exceptions are permitted only with the consent of the responsible worker.

22. Entrance to the hotel wellness is only allowed for persons over 13 years old. Entering the sauna world is only allowed without swimsuit.

23. Entrance to the restaurant and the restaurant terrace is forbidden without the top of the garment and the swimsuit.

24. The guest is obliged to observe the provisions of this order. In case of violation or in case of violation of good morals, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the contract for provision of accommodation before the agreed time.

25. Complaints, objections, requests and suggestions to make the accommodation facility better are accepted by the responsible reception staff as well as the hotel management.

26. There is a fire order, evacuation plan and marking the direction of evacuation from the hotel on a visible and accessible place in the hotel. Guests are required to follow these instructions during their stay.

27. The client agrees that the hotel, in accordance with the law no. 52/1998 Coll. processed his or her data. Provided personal data of the client can be processed exclusively by the hotel in connection with the provision of accommodation and other services.

Regional Card

A card full of discounts designed for locals.
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