At Green Laguna Hotel your comfort is our priority. Comfortable and great-looking apartments are furnished to make you feel like home. As well as comfort hotel apartments, apartment houses with cosy fireplaces are available.


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Rekreačné poukazy
Od 1.1.2019 máte možnosť využiť príspevok na rekreáciu od zamestnávateľa až 275 Eur.

Standard room


LUX room

Beautiful and stylish rooms with panoramic view on the surface of Veľká Domaša Lake.

Superior room

Trendy room provides a tasteful experience of higher quality equipment.

LUX apartment

Perfect relax by a fireplace with the overlook at the river surface. The look from a spacious terrace at the peaceful Domaša surface fulfils you with a harmony.

FAMILY apartment

Perfect relax in luxurious and trendy furnished family apartment with a kitchenette, suitable for families with children.


A luxurious, lavish suite with two bedrooms, a bar, and a private lift.

Small apartment house

A small home, offering its residents complete privacy. The comfortable atmosphere of the house, which contains 2 bedrooms in the attic, is topped off by a fireplace and a spacious terrace.

Accommodation procedures of the Zelená Lagúna Hotel****

1. The Zelená Lagúna Hotel can accommodate any guest, who has ordered the requested services before his arrival and whose order has been confirmed by an official acknowledgement.
The guest must present his national identity card, passport, or other valid identification document at the reception desk to confirm his personal details as given at the time of registration.

2. Each foreign guest, who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic is required to fill out and sign the registration form concerning his stay. The form will be provided to him by reception staff upon his presentation of his identity document. All details on the form should be filled in completely and correctly.

3. The hotel can provide the guest with accommodation in a different unit than was agreed to before arrival, if there are no essential differences between the confirmed reservation and the actual offer.

4. Check-in is from 2:00 p.m., but in individual cases can be permitted earlier, if the guest requests it in advance or if circumstances in the hotel allow it at the time of the guest´s arrival. A guest who is accommodated before 6:00 a.m. is required to pay for the entire previous night’s accommodation.

5. Guests are required to report any deficiencies, imperfections, or other concerns to the hotel reception at their earliest opportunity. The guest is required to do so in case of causing any damage to a room or room furnishings. Guests are responsible for any damages to the accommodation unit according to the valid existing rules. As their legitimate guardians, guests are responsible for any damages, caused by their children. Guests are required to pay for damages by the day of departure during the accounting for accommodation and services. In case of finding damage to, or theft of, room equipment after the guest´s departure, the hotel is authorized to adjust the account and debts by advising the guest of the costs and sending him the banking details for payment of compensation.

6. Guests are required to vacate their rooms by 10:00 noon unless otherwise agreed in advance. In case of departure delay beyond 17:00 the hotel is authorized to surcharge the payment of 30 Euro. The hotel is allowed to surcharge 100% of the price from the pricelist without any guest´s rights connected with accommodation services

7. Guests are required to maintain night-time silence from 22:00 (10:00 p.m.) till 6:00 a.m. Social events are allowed after 22:00 only with the permission of responsible hotel staff and only in agreed locations.

8. If a guest requests extension of his stay, the hotel is authorized to offer him a different room from that of his original accommodation.

9. The guest shall pay for the ordered accommodation and services at his departure in accordance with the valid pricelist or as otherwise agreed with the hotel. At the conclusion of the stay, the hotel will prepare the account for such services as were requested and provided.

10. The hotel reserves the right to require a deposit against the reservation in the amount of 50%-100% of the accommodation price. The reservation is not valid before the receipt of this payment.

11. Should a guest cancel a reservation in written form, electronic form, or by fax, the hotel is authorized to charge the following fees in the following time-limits:
a) from the day of reservation comfirmation to 6 days before the client´s arrival: no cancellation fees
b) 5 days before the client´s arrival: 50% of the price of reserved and confirmed services
c) 2 days or less before the client´s arrival: 100% of the price of reserved and confirmed services

12. If a guest does not otherwise keep an account of items consumed from the minibar, he will receive a bill with the price of those goods as well as any other unreported items.

13. Guests are not allowed to rearrange equipment or furnishings in their room or other places in the hotel, or make any changes or interfere with the electricity or other installations, without the permission of the responsible staff or hotel management.

14. Guests are not allowed to use their own appliances at the hotel and in hotel rooms with the exception of appliances necessary for personal hygiene.

15. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas, these being the smoking lounge in the wine bar, and on the balconies of standard rooms on the forested side of the hotel.
The hotel is authorized to assess a penalty in the amount of 150 Euro for each discovered occasion of violation of this rule.

16. Should it become necessary, a hotel staffer or chambermaid may clean a guest’s room, or a serviceman may repair any equipment or installations malfunctioning in the room, or a manager may conduct an inspection. If the guest does not want to be disturbed, he should hang the „do not disturb“ sign on his door. Hotel staff will disregard the „do not disturb“ sign in circumstances of dangerous situations, any violation of hotel rules that disturbs others, etc.

17. Children younger than 11 years of age may not be left in their rooms or other places without adult supervision.

18. Visitors are allowed only at the lounge and other public places. Visitors are not allowed in rooms without the permission of hotel staff.

19. Before departure guests are required to turn off the taps, lights, and electric appliances in the room. Windows and balcony and entrance doors must be closed. The door-locking micro should be returned to the reception desk unless some other disposition of it is agreed in advance. The door-locking micro is the property of the hotel. If a guest loses it or damages it, he is required to pay 3 Euro.

20. The hotel is responsible for guests´ valuables only if they are kept in designated places. Otherwise, the hotel‘s responsibility is limited. Compensation for damage is forfeited if a guest does not make a claim within 15 days of recognising the damage, or by the day of his departure.

21. In case of illness or injury the hotel will request an authorized health institution to provide either care for the guest or transportation to a hospital.

22. Guests are not allowed to bring dogs or other animals into the hotel. Animals are allowed only at the small apartment houses. Exceptions are allowed only with the permission of the responsible staff.

23. Wellness services are accessible only for persons 13 years of age and older. Guests are not permitted to enter the Sauna world dressed in swimwear.

24. Guests are not allowed to enter the restaurants or restaurant terrace in swimwear or without a shirt.

25. Guests are not allowed to consume their own drinks or food at the lounge or the hotel area.
The only exception is baby food.

26. Guests are required to comply with hotel rules. In case of violation of the rules or infractions against civil behavior the hotel is authorized to revoke the accommodation agreement before its expiration.

27. Complaints, protests, requests, and suggestions for improvement of hotel services may be directed to the responsible staffer at the reception or to the hotel management.

28. Parking at the hotel is monitored but not guarded. The hotel is not responsible for theft of or damage to cars.

29. Instructions in case of fire, evacuation plans, and evacuation route signs are placed at accessible and visible locations throughout the hotel. Guests are required to follow these instructions.

30. Clients agree to the processing of their personal data within the provisions of law n. 18/2018 of the book of statutes concerning the protection of personal details. Personal details provided to the hotel can be used only for the purpose of providing accommodation and other services.