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Address and location

Hotel Zelená Lagúna****
Vranovská cesta č. 900/2,
094 02 Domaša rekreačná oblasť Dobrá
Slovenská republika

The hotel is located outside the main municipal area of Kvakovce, which doesn't yet have any street names. It is therefore recommended that visitors use the navigation signs or GPS coordinates (N49.003702 E21.694221).

GPS coordinates



Fakturačné údaje:
STRUO, s.r.o.
900, Kvakovce 094 02
IČO: 44 693 222,
DIČ: 2022813331,
IČ DPH: SK 2022813331
Tatra banka: 2926838252/1100
IBAN: SK161100 0000 0029 2683 8252


Tel.: +421 915 930 345

Wellness reception

Tel.: +421 918 784 474 v čase od 13:00 - 21:00 hod.


Tel.: +421 908 036 012 v čase od 07:00 - 22:00 hod.

Sales manager

Congresses, conferences, corporate events
Tel.: +421 905 945 713

Event manager

Weddings, birthday partys, graduation
Tel.: +421 907 641 034

Personnel department

How to reach us

By car

By train

Arrive at the Humenné (or Vranov nad Topľou) train station and use regular public transport from there.

By plane

The hotel is easily accessible from Košice International Airport, and also by regular public transport. Individual transport from and to the airport can be organised on request.