Swimming pool + Wellness

For ordering and answering the necessary information regarding the wellness, swimming pool of sports grounds, please contact the wellness reception at no. +421 918 784 474 from 13:00 - 21:00

Swimming pools

20 m x 10 m swimming pool

  • depth 1,30 m
  • 4 swimming lanrouts
  • temperature 26 °C
  • 6 water jets in the swimming pool wall
  • 1 sconcgargoyle

5.5 m x 2.5 m swimming pool for children

  • depth 0.25 m
  • hedgehog (fountain)
  • bubbler
  • temperature 30 - 32 °C


Sauna world

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna guarantees deeper and more effective overheating thanks to infrared radiation. (Electric heating fibers generate infrared beams 40-60 C despite the low temperature. The heating is dirrectly focused on the body muscles. Then the heart is strengthened, the body is cleaned and rejuvenated from the inside and outside!

Eucalyptus sauna

The hot steam sauna with the smell of eucalyptus (temperature up to 60 degrees with 100% of air humidity) This type of sauna is excellent for releasing of respiratory tracts and relax of tired muscles. At the same time, eucalyptus makes your imunity system stronger.

Roman steam bathing

The sauna includes hot steam (gentle heating of 45-50 C). The sauna supports expelliation of toxic matters from the blood, fatty weft trough the sudoriferous glands. This proces also regenerates and depurates your skin.

Finnish sauna

This sauna has a deep history background (70-100 C). Heat sauna with a vessel of water and a stirring by which we water the stones at the upper side of the furnace. The stones are used for the heating of sauna. Watering of the stones make a high clammy rate of steam, which increases the temperature in the sauna. You are recommended to use an ice bath after the cold shower to decrease the body temperature.

Sun meadow

A place with pleasant temperature and light for perfect relaxation after wellness.


The relaxation room was in the ancient Roman spa a place with warm air. Pleasant music, heated loungers and dim lighting also offer you the opportunity to relax.

Water world

Ice waterfall

Use the opportunity to quickly cool down after sauna.

Kneipov – reflexive spa

The procedure stimulates not only the blood circulation but also other body organs.The procedure is recommended in case of headache, malfunctions of blood circulation as the vein gym in the beginings of varicose. Vein gym helps to relieve ankles and joints.
The procedure is as follows: the client steps in a hot bath (1 min), after that he steps in a cold bath (15 s). the cycle lasts 10-15 min. Client finishs the procedure with the cold water.

Multifunctional shower with attractions

Comfortable shower model with lighting and water jet selection.

Stainless steel swimming pool with countercurrent and 12x7m jets

Cooling pool

The most effective but also the most challenging for the cardiovascular system is pool cooling. When cooling (10 - 11 ° C water), the blood pressure increases sharply, depending on the water temperature. It is essential to immerse yourself in the neck, the head does not immerse in the water. If there is enough space for it, you should move freely in the water, not shingle. never jump into water.

Jaccuzzi – whirlpool

The combination of intensive hydrotherapy and hydromassage perfectly relaxes muscle tension, promotes metabolism and strengthens the body's overall immune system. Access to the sauna world is permitted for people over 13 years old.
Access to the sauna world is permitted for people over 13 years old.

Opening hours

Monday 15:00 - 21:00
Tuesday - Friday 14:00 - 21:00
Saturday - Sunday 11:00 - 21:00

The last entry to the pool is at 19:30

Book swimming pool between 9:00 and 12:30 at: +421 915 930 345.

Price list

Entry to swimming pool and wellness
Adult person
2-hours entry 20€
3-hours entry 26€
Unlimited entry 35€
Child (13-18 years old)/students/pensioners from the age of 62/handicapped people with assistance
2-hours entry 16€
3-hours entry 20€
Unlimited entry 26€
Last 3-hours entry at 17:30. Surcharge for every started 15 minutes beyond the purchased entry is 2€.