Rules and policies OF Paid car Park of Zelená Lagúna Hotel ****

Rules and policies OF Paid car Park of Zelená Lagúna Hotel ****

operator of paid  car park is STRUO, LLC 900, Kvakovce 094 02

Identification number: 44 693 222,  tax identification number: 2022813331, identification number for V.A.T : SK 2022813331

LLC registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Prešov,

section: LLC file n.: 37544/P

place of operation - Vranovská cesta 900/2, 094 02

operating hours - nonstop

Way of payment: cash desk at the reception  and restaurant  of Zelená Lagúna Hotel **** 


Payment conditions

Parking up to 30 minutes/day....................... free

hotel guests and customers who used the hotel services above  the amound of min. 10€ -........................ free

• Every started hour of parking ................... € 1




Parking rules

1.These Rules of Operation shall govern the rules for the use of unprotected parking places of customers intended for the parking of passenger cars between

the operator of the car park and between the keeper or the user of road motor vehicles.

2.Unprotected parking space may be used by a customer who accepts the above mentioned operating rules and the price list, which concludes an agreement on the provision of an unprotected parking space. The agreement is established when taking the parking ticket by the customer from the entrance terminal. The customer has the right to park his personal motor vehicle without trailer on any place of the unprotected parking during the parking hours.

3. parking process:


Vehicle entry

  • • the driver stops in front of the ramp which he opens by pressing the parking card issuing button on the drive-in terminal to open the ramp
  • •the driver parks the vehicle at the selected unprotected parking place and leaving the parking place. The driver is obliged to take the parking card with him.


access to the parked vehicle


• at the hotel cash desk the customer will pay the appropriate price for the duration of parking according to the price list, loaded according to the length of parking from the parking card, based on which the operator unlocks the parking card to leave the car park

• In the area of the car park, each person has the responsibility for their safety.


Vehicle exit

• the driver stops in front of the ramp and the unlocked parking card is inserted into the exit terminal to open the ramp and leave with the vehicle from the car park

• A driver who has forgotten to pay the parking fee and finds out at the exit gate must not park the vehicle at the exit

4.Movement of persons in the car park which do not use the unprotected car park is NOT ALLOWED.

5. The traffic  On the car park is regulated by traffic signs and the customer is obliged to fully comply with the provisions  of Act no. 315/1996 / L.C. on Traffic on Roads, as amended.

6. The speed of the cars on the car park is max. 10 km / h

7. Misuse of a neighboring unprotected parking place by incorrect parking of the customer's vehicle will be considered as parking on two (or more) unprotected parking places and the customer is obliged to pay compensation for all occupied unprotected parking places according to the valid price list.

8.If a vehicle parked outside the designated parking spaces constitutes an obstacle to the road traffic or pedestrian traffic, the parking operator shall promptly take it away at the owner's expense and risk.

9. In case of  breaching the operating rules, substantially, the operator by law has the  right to tow the vehicle at the Customer's expense.

10.For the purpose of securing a payable (financial) claim against a customer arising from the parking of a customer's car (parking price, reimbursement of towing costs, etc.), the operator has a lien on the customer's car, even if the vehicle does not belong to the customer but to a third party. In such case, the operator shall inform the customer of the detention of the vehicle and the reasons for the detention and shall be entitled to prevent the vehicle from departing by its own means. The right of retention shall expire upon the satisfaction of the secured claim or by the provision of sufficient security.

11. Vehicles that are parked in the car park must be in good condition and approved for use in service. Any removal of vehicle registration marks, eg. in order to re-register the vehicle, the customer is obliged to notify the operator in advance. As far as possible, given the condition or extent of damage to the vehicle, it can reasonably be assumed that the owner wishes to discard it, this vehicle will be treated in accordance with the legislation in force.

12.The car park operator is not responsible for damage, destruction or theft of things and vehicles parked in the car park. Parked vehicles are not guarded and the operator is not responsible for their damage, destruction or loss during parking.

13. It is forbidden to drive vehicles without driving license or providing driving lessons at the parking place.

14. Parking places for the disabled people are closest to the entrance to the building.

15. The customer (including all persons staying in the parking house) is obliged to ensure that the property of the operator is not damaged, and is responsible for any damage caused by him or his vehicle to the property of the operator of the parking house.


Duties of customer


1.When parking the vehicle, always close and lock the vehicle properly and secure it against rolling away and park in only one parking space.

2. Observe all warning signs, traffic signs and above mentioned operating rules.

3. Observe all safety and fire regulations.

4. Use the parking space only for the vehicle in a technically serviceable condition and park only in the marked unprotected parking space.

5. keep cleanliness and order.

6. maintain the parking card carefully. The customer is responsible for the loss, damage and destruction (readability damage) of the parking card. In case of loss of the parking card, the vehicle will be issued from the car park only on presentation of the vehicle registration card and the vehicle user's identity card. Fee for losing the parking card is 50€.

7. In case of a malfunction of the entrance or exit terminal, notify the operator of the car park as soon as possible. Always pay for parking before boarding the vehicle.


At the provided parking place in the parked car is prohibited:

• Leaving children and animals in the locked parked vehicle.

• leaving valuable things in the visible places in parked vehicles.

• smoking and usage of open flame and flamable substances.

• keeping and storing  objects of all kinds, especially of flammable materials.

• Pumping fuel into vehicle tanks, performing repairs, changing oil, charging batteries and draining coolants or washing vehicles.

• Keeping the engine running for an extended period of time or testing the engine.

• parking vehicles with a leaking tank or other damage that can endanger parking rules as well as the total parking of vehicles which are not in good technical condition and vehicles not complying with the technical regulations.

• cleaning and repairing  of vehicles with the exception of the removal  of a vehicle breakdown  for the purpose of putting the vehicle into operation

• Parking vehicles in lanes before leaving the car park due to possible disruption to traffic flow.

• Movement of people on roller skates, skateboards and bicycles.

• Parking motor vehicles with snow chains on wheels or studded tires.

• usage of sound signals. regulations


  1. Parking rules of the car park shall be observed by all users in the car park of the Struo LLC.
  2. Parking rules are in force from 1st of July 2019.

Parking rules of the parking house will be available on the Zelená Lagúna hotel website **** -


Prices include 20% V.A.T



In Kvakovce 28th June 2019